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Dell Latitude E7270 Laptop | 256GB SSD | 8GB RAM | Core i5 6th Generation | 6300U Core i5 2.4GHz | 12.5″ HD LED Display | Laptop

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Dell Latitude E7270 Laptop Shop in Pakistan | Laptop Specifications:

  •  Brand: Dell Latitude Laptop
  •  Model: E7270
  •  Display: 12.5 Inch
  •  Ram: 8GB DDR4
  •  Storage: 256 GB SSD
  •  Display Resolution : 1366 x 768
  •  Processor : 6300U Core i5
  •  Clock speed : 2.4Ghz
  •  Graphic Processor: Intel HD 520
  •  Windows 10
  •  WIFI
  •  Bluetooth
  •  Battery Timing 5-6 hours
  •  HD Webcam
  •  3x USB Slot
  • Best Laptop for Graphic Designing, Freelancing


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Key Features of Dell Latitude E7270 Laptop:

Processor: The Dell Latitude E7270 Laptop is equipped with a 6th Generation Intel Core i5-6300U processor, which operates at a base frequency of 2.4GHz. This processor provides a good balance of performance and power efficiency.

Memory: Dell Latitude E7270 Laptop comes with 8GB of DDR4 RAM, allowing for smooth multitasking and efficient performance when running multiple applications simultaneously. The RAM capacity is sufficient for most business-related tasks.

Storage: The E7270 Dell Latitude Laptop is equipped with a 256GB solid-state drive (SSD). An SSD offers faster data access and improved overall system responsiveness compared to traditional hard drives. The 256GB storage capacity provides ample space for storing files, documents, and software.

Display: The E7270 Dell Latitude Laptop features a 12.5-inch HD LED display. The HD resolution (typically 1366 x 768 pixels) provides sharp and clear visuals, making it suitable for everyday productivity tasks. The LED backlighting ensures energy efficiency and vibrant colors.

Portability: With a 12.5-inch screen size, the Latitude E7270 is designed to be highly portable. Its compact form factor and lightweight construction make it easy to carry around, whether you’re commuting or traveling for work.

Connectivity: The Dell Latitude E7270 laptop offers a variety of connectivity options, including USB ports (including USB 3.0), HDMI, Ethernet, headphone/microphone combo jack, and an SD card reader. These ports allow you to connect external devices, transfer data, and connect to external displays or projectors.

Operating System: The Latitude E7270 Laptop typically comes with the Windows operating system pre-installed, providing a familiar and user-friendly environment for most users. However, it’s important to note that the specific operating system version may vary depending on the configuration or purchase date.

Security Features: The Dell Latitude E7270 offers various security features to safeguard your data and privacy. These include options such as a fingerprint reader, TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for hardware-based encryption, and Dell Data Protection for enhanced data security.

Battery Life: The laptop is designed to provide decent battery life for on-the-go productivity. The specific battery life may vary depending on usage and configuration, but the Latitude E7270 typically offers several hours of usage before needing to recharge.

Durability: Dell Latitude series laptops are known for their robust build quality, and the E7270 is no exception. It features a durable chassis and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure reliability in demanding work environments.

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