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Hikvision 256GB E100 | SATA Solid State Drive

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Hikvision 256GB E100 Drive Shop in Pakistan | Hikvision Specifications

  • Total Capacity: 256 GB
  • Max. read speed (MB/s): 550
  • Max. write speed (MB/s): 430
  • SATA III 6 Gb/s Interface
  • SATA III 6 Gb/s Interface
  • 1year warranty



Key Features of Hikvision 256GB E100 Drive

Storage Capacity: SATA SSDs typically come in various capacities, including 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, and higher. The storage capacity determines how much data the SSD can hold.

SATA Interface: The SSD uses a Serial ATA (SATA) interface for data transfer. SATA interfaces are commonly used in personal computers and provide high-speed connectivity between the SSD and the motherboard.

Solid-State Technology: SSDs utilize solid-state technology, which means they don’t have any moving parts. This results in faster data access, reduced power consumption, and improved durability compared to traditional mechanical hard drives.

Read/Write Speeds: SATA SSDs offer faster read and write speeds compared to traditional hard drives, resulting in improved overall system performance. The specific read and write speeds can vary between different SSD models.

Form Factor: SATA SSDs are available in different form factors, including 2.5-inch, M.2, and mSATA. The form factor determines the physical size and shape of the SSD, allowing compatibility with various devices.

Data Protection: Many SATA SSDs feature built-in data protection mechanisms such as error correction, wear leveling, and power loss protection. These features help safeguard your data and ensure reliable operation.

Compatibility: SATA SSDs are backward compatible with older SATA revisions, allowing them to work with older systems. However, they may not take full advantage of the latest SATA interface speeds if used with older hardware.

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