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HikVision E100 3D NAND offers the Potential for Higher Capacity, Performance and Stability

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HikVision E100 3D NAND Shop in Pakistan | HikVision Specifications

  • Total Capacity: 512GB
  • Max. read speed (MB/s): 550
  • Max. write speed (MB/s): 480
  • SATA III 6 Gb/s Interface
  • (With 01 Years Limited Warranty)



Key Features of HikVision E100 3D NAND:

3D NAND Technology: The E100 utilizes 3D NAND technology, which allows for vertical stacking of memory cells. This stacking enables higher storage capacities within a smaller physical footprint compared to traditional planar NAND technology.

Increased Storage Capacity: With 3D NAND technology, the E100 can achieve higher storage capacities. By stacking memory cells vertically, more data can be stored in each NAND flash chip, resulting in greater overall storage capacity.

Enhanced Performance: The E100 offers improved performance compared to previous generations of NAND flash memory. It features faster read and write speeds, allowing for quicker data access and transfer. This enhanced performance is beneficial for applications that require high-speed data processing and storage, such as video surveillance systems.

Improved Stability and Endurance: The 3D NAND technology in the E100 provides better stability and endurance. It offers increased resistance to wear and tear, reducing the chances of data corruption and improving the overall lifespan of the storage device.

Data Integrity and Security: The E100 incorporates advanced error correction algorithms and wear-leveling techniques to ensure data integrity and reliability. It also supports various security features like encryption and secure erase, providing added protection for sensitive data.

Power Efficiency: The E100 is designed to be power-efficient, which is crucial for devices that operate on limited power sources or have strict power consumption requirements. Its low-power design helps prolong battery life in portable devices and reduces energy consumption in data center environments.

Wide Range of Applications: The HikVision E100 3D NAND can be used in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to data centers, surveillance systems, network storage devices, industrial control systems, and consumer electronics. Its high capacity, performance, and stability make it suitable for various storage-intensive tasks.

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